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Junkers Flugzeug- und Motorenwerke AG (JFM, earlier JCO or JKO in World War I, English: Junkers Aircraft and Motor Works) more commonly Junkers [ˈjʊŋkɐs], was a major German aircraft and aircraft engine manufacturer. It produced some of the world's most innovative and best-known airplanes over the course of its fifty-plus year history in Dessau, Germany. It was founded there in 1895 by Hugo Junker


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Crew Leader/Driver (Former Employee) says

"Lower management (for operation) I would not recommend. I have seen their best employers get fired, not a healthy work place new management Threaten you that there’s the door! You see him fire the best workers that have been there longer then him. The job is easy but management makes it very difficult for you to get your job done he makes you feel like his going to fire you and he will every chance he gets. Horrible supervisor who is new fallows in management footsteps so it’s just not a healthy happy place to work. NoneNone"

Employee (Former Employee) says

"The absolute worst place to work. GM sleeps with employees and drinks & parties with them. They make people work off clock. They operate on fear and intimidation and people are constantly scared of “getting in trouble” like big daddy is gonna get you. Everyone back stabs everyone else. Many managers having inappropriate relations with employees and employees with the customers. Horrible people and place all the way around. Just a gross place to be. NoneBeing there"

Security Officer (Former Employee) says

"Wage are just above minimum wage and they expect the earth for it and management only intresed in there self's workers don't matter at all as long as they are getting there bonusNoneAll of it is poison"

Purchasing and Conservation Manager (Former Employee) says

"A long time ago, this was a great place to work. No longer. Manheim corporate in Atlanta terminated all of the good managers years ago. Loyalty was never rewarded and will not be in the future, either."

Operations/detail (Former Employee) says

"My boss enjoyed firing me because I had a seizure and caused me to have a accident after working with the company 18yrs I worked 15 yrs in detail it was greatSome people where greatAs some were jerks"

Operations driver (Former Employee) says

"Manheim is a or else type of company. If you complain about working in bad whether they will threaten to fire you. They don't care about their workers in the field health and if you aren't a brown noser they have no use for you. You have to wood work your way around them in order to maintain employment with them."

Driver (Current Employee) says

"I used to have to fun and loved what I did here until they may some changes in the management department. Now, all you ever get from this particular location is attitude, miss information about alot of things, worked you into the ground, verbally harrassed, favoritism, and all in all you just get treated like a number. Trust me, find somewhere else to go for employment."

Driver (Current Employee) says

"Looking for another job. This place treat their workers with no respect. I am a temp and veteran. Doing veteran day they tell us vets that they will have a meal only for Manheim vets only. But A veteran is a Veteran. they tell you thanks for your service.thanks fo they tell you thank you for your service.They want you to work extra time but won't give raise.Company make a lot of money only mangers get good pay."

Clerk (Former Employee) says

"Great benefits, awful management, lowest wage ever. Always outside and only given a hat and hot hands. Management gets coats. Security has a patio heater."

Transportation Coordinator (Former Employee) says

"I used to love going to work, The other employees were so nice and a joy to work with. then they got a new AGM and the place went downhill fast. they pile work on the supervisors but do not give them any support. if you want to put your children on the bus they will not work with your schedule, they will just take your hours away. HR there does basically nothing she is never there and when she is she doesn't help she will just tell you to call the service center (help desk). if you are looking for an employer that will help you further your career this is not the pace to go."

Driver/Operator (Former Employee) says

"no supervisan a las contratistas no pagan bien sueldoes relajado el trabjo en sino tienen buenos mangers"

Lot Porter (Former Employee) says

"Worst job. Don't go. People are higher then you, but treat you like trash. They just put you or there with little to no help. Low pay and lots of drama."

Operations (Current Employee) says

"They treat people like slaves. Talk down to them like dogs. They don't honor mandatory breaks. Even when it's time for your shift to end they don't give you the option to clock out. And if you do need to clock out you have to wait around 15 minutes for a supervisor to show up the badge you out. Then you have to walk yourself to the temp gate, wait for security up to 20 minutes off the clock."

Yard Operative (Former Employee) says

"Weak management with a culture based on favouratism.Lack of supervision enables skivers to exploit the situation to the cost of other members of staff."

Transporter (Former Employee) says

"This company makes millions possibly billions of dollars a year and they only pay you 9 to 9.50 an hour. Which in this time and era is non sufficient. Everyone there that supervises or manages has a nasty attitude everyday . They yell at you like your their troubled child. They have you wear a orange neon vest so you look like a prisoner on parole release picking up their garbage."

Vehicle checkin (Current Employee) says

"Stay away. No compensation for work you do, under appreciated, management is awful and only looks out for themselves. Pay is terrible and they try to find every reason not to give you a raiseNoneEverything"

Arbitration mechanic (Former Employee) says

"Don't waste ur time gonna go nowhere if u want ur supervisors position 1 yr and out just like 6 supervisors before u hiring people that can't put gas in my car MORE LUBE TECHS"

Driver (Former Employee) says

"No sufficient work and no sufficient hours and no sufficient money and very racist Co workers ........................................................ ."

Movement coordinator (Current Employee) says

"Auction drivers receive a measly 11 an hour. Organization is horrible and after working there for 2 and a half months, I’m still yet to know who my boss even is because half the employees I meet feel the need to act like your manager. My credentials and past work experience leave me way overqualified for my position and when I attempted to have a meeting about potentially switching positions in the future, they made sure to have 5 different managers in the same room to try and intimidate me. Essentially, after I asked the questions need they all just proceeded to laugh in my face. The work life here consists of me breaking my back the whole day getting orders shouted at me by one of the managers who just sits in a car the whole day and doesn’t lift a finger until a higher up comes and he quickly hops out of the car and acts like he’s been working the whole time. I have plenty more things to say about this place and none of them are good. This is by far the worst job I have ever worked at and wouldn’t wish this upon anyone. If you are thinking about applying here, I beg you to please re-evaluate your decision!!!"

Driver (Current Employee) says

"Manheim will make a good prison farm.The drivers do most of the work.they get paid the less.the other employee and office personnel treat the drivers like inmates.last 3 months they have cut the drivers pay so much.its not worth it getting up to go to work any more"

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